Monday, December 14, 2009


Ava LOVES to wear her hair wavy like me but the poor thing has stick straight hair, it has no wave to it at all.  I told her that she is SO lucky and that people pay big bucks to have their hair straight.  She always wants me to make it wavy which is quite a process.  We have to put foam rollers and she has to sleep in them.  Since she likes wavy hair she never complains.  While she was sleeping last night I took this picture of her, I thought she looked so cute in her shower cap that she wears over her curlers.  So sweet!!

While I was busy curling Ava's hair Graig was busy playing with Daisy.   He loves hanging out with Daisy!!

Tonight when I got home I did this quick Christmas project.  I saw it on another blog last year ( I don't remember which one-sorry!!)  Anyway, I already had the letters which I just painted and then I put red and white scrapbook paper in the frames and took out the glass.  I put the finished product in our sunroom.  I really liked the way it turned out!

Happy Monday!  This week is SO quiet at work because finals started today.  We had our finals lunch with our students which was really fun, I ate WAAAAY to much!!  I also picked up our Christmas cards today and started working on mailing those out.  .They are so cute this year!!


Jill said...

Oh... sweet Ava. I used to wish for curly hair too. Now I'm glad I have straight hair but I know how she feels.

Love the "Joy" craft. It's so cute and full of Christmas Cheer!

Janna said...

Ava looks so cute! I love your JOY in the frames.