Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two days before Christmas!!

Today was my last day of work and Brock and Ava's last day of school until January 4!  I am so happy that we have a little break from our hectic work and school lives!  Tonight Graig is having a poker night with his friends, usually they have it on Thursday nights but since Thursday is Christmas Eve they are having it tonight instead. 

While he is doing that Ava and I are going to make Christmas cookies (the break and bake kind-ha ha) we still have SO many cookies from the cookie exhange party that we went to on Sunday night but Ava really wants to make cookies tonight so we will make some!!  We might even make some more no-bake cookies, I  posted the recipe here they are Brock's favorite and SO good!!

Tomorrow, on Christmas Eve  Brock and Ava each get to open one present!  Ava is going to open her Christmas dress, I LOVE it so much!!  It looks similar to this one and even came with a little dress to match her American Girl Doll!!  The best part is was only $22 for both dresses!!  I got them at Burlington Coat Factory. 

Brock's Christmas Eve gift is a comforter for his bedroom.  We are going to let him pick it out and we will order it on Christmas eve.  JC Penney has a TON of great options for tween boys so we are going to have him start by looking at that website.  We are re-doing his bedroom over the Christmas break and we are finally putting a TV in his room (actually he is getting our old one and we are getting a new flatscreen tv for our living room as our family gift)  Graig and I have looked at so many different TV's over the past few days, we finally ordered one yesterday.  I also am going to paint Brock's room and his attached bathroom over break.  He is going to pick out the color and I am a little nervous about that-ha ha!
Here are a couple that I think he will like.  It will be fun to see what he decides!

I am WAY less stressed out about our holiday meals this year because I put Graig in charge of Christmas eve dinner and Christmas day lunch!  I think he is actually excited about it!   He is going to take the kids grocery shopping after work today to pick up stuff for both meals.  My only request is shrimp cocktail.  I LOVE that and so does Grandma Jan so I told him to not forget about the shrimp.   He's a good cook so I trust him to make two delicious meals!!  I am still going to make a breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast.  We do that every year and I like that little menu!  Ava can help me make both of those dishes tomorrow.

We are going to Christmas mass at 4pm tomorrow, Ava is going to be one of the dancing angels!  She did it last year and it was just precious!!  After church we will drive around and look at lights and go home and eat dinner and watch movies and wait for SANTA!!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!


Janna said...

I hope you guys have a merry Christmas! Sounds like you're going to be very busy.

Erin said...

Thanks for the card! I LOVE that second comforter. What kind of TV did you pick? Josh and I have 2 LGs and 1 Vizio flat panel LCDs and we we love all three.