Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Graig's 40th Birthday!!

Last Friday was Graig's 40th Birthday!  I wanted to surprise him by throwing him a suprise party at work!

Because I wanted it to be a surprise I didn't tell Brock or Ava until they arrived at the party.  We carpool picking up Ava with our friends Dan and Jenn.  Thankfully it was Dan's turn to pick up the girls so he brought Ava with him to the party.  Ava was so confused when she first arrived.  This is me trying to explain to her what was happening.  Brock had basketball practice and didn't get to the party until late. 

Graig's Mom Janice came to the party and brought pictures from when he was little.  They were a big hit!

I was SO happy that Graig was surprised!  He had no clue we were having a party for him! Here is Graig hugging his Mom and Ava when he first came in. 

I had the party on campus so I ordered campus catering for the cake and other snacks.  It made things SO easy!  Everyone in our family loves the cakes from campus!  I get them for our birthdays and other speical occasions. 

I love this picture of Graig and his Mom and of course the big 4-0 sign in the background!!

Here's a group picture of everyone from the party.  I invited mostly his co-workers.  I love how some of them are holding up his baby pictures-ha ha!

I think his 40th bday is one that Graig will remember for a long time!  Happy Wednesday!


Melany said...

Oh my goodness! You are such a sweet wife! Don't tell Blake about this...I wouldn't be organized enough to pull it off.