Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!!

On Wednesday Brock and Ava had a snow day because we were supposed to get a big snow storm. The big snow storm never really happened but they enjoyed their day off from school! Ava went to work with me in the morning and she sold a TON of Easter candy for her school's fundraiser. She had a lot of fun walking to the different offices in my building asking people to buy candy.

After work I took Ava and her friend Avery sledding. The weather was perfect for sledding!! It wasn't too cold and they said out for about an hour. Brock wanted no part of the sledding so he went to play basketball at the Boys and Girls Club.

Tonight Ava and Brock are having some friends sleep over and Graig and I are going to watch our friend’s baby so they can go out for a Valentine's Day date.   So it should be a fun, relaxing evening at home for us, we are looking forward to it!!


Janna said...

My mom was just asking about you the other day, wondering if you were snowed in.