Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend update!!

We had a busy and fun weekend! Which is a good thing because now Brock and Ava are home sick today :( Poor things I think they both have sinus infections. I HATE when they are sick because they are so miserable and crabby. They are both sleeping now so I can catch up on blogging. I am taking them into the doctor this afternoon.

On Saturday Ava did a cheerleading clinic with our College cheerleaders. After the clinic she got to cheer at the men's basketball game at the college. She LOVED it, she went with her friend Marty and they had the best time.

Here are some pictures of Ava from the clinic.

On Sunday morning we got up super early to get to Applebee’s by 7:30 am!! Applebee’s generously hosted a pancake breakfast for Brock's baseball team. His baseball team is going to a baseball camp this summer in our town. It's a national camp and kids from all across the country come and play at the camp so we are doing lots of different fundraisers to help the kids raise money for their registration fees.

Here are some pictures of Brock's team mates at the breakfast.

Patrick and Ethan

After the breakfast we went to church to watch our friends Dan and Jenn's second son Henry Francis get baptized. He was so cute! Henry is Marty's baby brother. Baby Henry slept through his whole baptism.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a Super bowl party at our friends Dan and Stacie's. They invited all of our baseball friends over for the party. It was fun getting together with them! We spend A LOT of time together during baseball season and during the winter we don't really get together that much so it was fun to spend time together last night. I am SO happy the Saints won!!

Here are some pictures from last night.

Eric, Stacie, Marissa and Alyssa

Some of the kids at the party-Noah, Justin, Dalton, Alyssa and Ava
Ava and Eliza June

Alyssa (this girls loves to be in pictures-ha ha) with her parents Donna and Jim and Graig

Inez, Eliza, Sabrina and Mike

Eric, Shawn and Rich

Stacie, Janine, me and Brandon

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Michelle said...

Sorry to hear the kids are sick--hope they feel better soon. Looks like you all had a fun weekend!