Thursday, April 7, 2011

During my blogging break...

I worked on a few cute projects that I wanted to show you.  I really enjoy quick and easy projects so these were fun to do.  One night my friend Sabrina, Allison and I had a craft night we made some rosettes.  OK they made rosettes.  I mainly messed mine up and they fixed them :)  I had one good one that I put on this basket that I covered in reindeer moss for spring. 

I also made a terrarium which I think turned out really cute.  As usual this wasn't my idea but I got the idea from a soft place to land.  Kimba did a great tutorial on making them. 

I have been going through our old family pictures and I found this baby picture of my Mom.  I think it's SO cute so I put it in a frame and it's now in our living room.  I think my Mom looks a lot like my baby niece Ainsley!

 My sister Shelby got this cute tart warmer at Wal-Mart in Iowa.  She showed it to me one night when we were talking on face time.  The very next night I went out and got one for my kitchen.  I love it!

Happy Thursday!


Janna said...

How did you make that rosette? I love the baby picture of your mom.