Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brock Aaron

Brock is getting SO big.  I know I say this all the time but he is getting huge.  He's way taller than me and he's already a little taller than Graig.  He's growing up waaaay too fast.  Next Friday he's going on his 8th grade trip to the Grand Canyon and he'll be gone for a week.  He is really excited about this trip and getting to be with his friends for a week. Graig heard from another parent that Brock is planning to sit next to a GIRL on the plane-Brock NEVER talks to us about girls so this was a surprise to us. We have  known the girl and her family since kindergarten so we approve of her and tthankfully Brock doesn't read my blog because he would DIE if he knew that I wrote about that on my blog-ha ha! 

Lately Brock and I have been bonding though cooking dinner together.  The boy LOVES to cook which is SO funny because he will only eat about 5 things-hot dogs, pizza, hamburger, tacos and spaghetti.  He told me that he might want to be a chef when he grows up!  He has also talked about being a pilot, a police officer and a gym teacher so he is keeping his options open.  Last night we made poppy seed chicken over noodles.  He didn't eat any of the chicken but he loved making it-ha ha.  

Tonight after work I tried to get a good picture of Brock for this post, if you think it's hard to get a good picture of a baby try getting a good picture of a 13 year old boy! Ha Ha  I do   love the one I took at the top of this post.  Happy Tuesday!


Michelle said...

I hardley recognized Brock! I remember when he was a tiny baby when I babysat him....he is growing up! What a fun class trip!!