Saturday, April 30, 2011

looooooooong week

This has been such a loooooong week!  Ava has had practice every night for her ballet recital, Graig was busy getting ready for the opening day of Little League (which is today!), Brock has had baseball practice every night after school and I have been super busy with end of the year stuff at work.  To top it off I got sick on Tuesday night and ended up going to the doctor on Thursday because I thought I had strep (thankfully I didn't have it!) 
Last night Ava and I went over to my friend Allison's house for a Royal slumber party.  It was really fun!  We stayed about an hour and then we left to come home and sleep and then we went back this morning.
Allison posted her super cute party favors and decorations on her blog. Here is a picture of the favors she gave us. 

Tonight was Ava's ballet recital.  Here are some pictures of her from the dress rehearsal yesterday. Ava's  is a "Puddle Jumper" in this ballet.

I cut off her head but I love this picture of her leap.

Here is Ava with her BFF Anika's little brother.  I love this picture of the two of them!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!  We have Little League opening ceremonies in the morning, followed by Brock's two basketball games, followed by a town festival, followed by Ava'a recital.  It will be a busy Saturday for us!


Michelle said...

Ava looks so beautiful!