Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

This morning Brock and I volunteered at our town's annual Christmas dinner for the elderly and needy.  We helped get the 135 take out meals ready.  It was a great experience and we want to help out again next year. 
This afternoon we went to church and Ava danced with the liturgical dancers.  Our service started at 4pm and our church was packed!   It was so nice to see it so full.  We sang a lot of beautiful  Christmas songs and I saw a lot of people we knew so it was a great way to start our Christmas weekend!

Here are some pictures of Ava with the liturgical dancers. 

Ava with her friends Grace and Abby. 

 Here is the whole group. These girls did a great job!  I had most of the little girls in white in my Sunday school class last year.  It was fun to see them again! 

After church we went around and looked at Christmas lights and then we came home and ate dinner and have been relaxing.   We're excited about Christmas tomorrow!


Michelle said...

Good to talk/see you tonight! We'll be thinking of you all tomorrow! Are you going to do a post soon featuring cocco?