Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our week

Monday at lunch I went out with a few other Nutcracker Moms to discuss our hellish wonderful Nutcracker weekend.  We all agreed that the Nutcracker was a great experience for our girls but SO exhausting! We were so tired on Monday that we didn't even take a picture during our lunch!

After lunch on Monday I went to a consignment store in town.  With Christmas a few short days away I told myself I wouldn't buy anything but I found these adorable plates and I couldn't resist them!  The plates came in a box and are in perfect condition!  I just need to find a place to hang them in our house! 
Monday afternoon at work I started feeling sick.  I thought I had strep-I went to the Dr. and thank goodness I don't have it!    Monday night I had big plans for us to make cookies but that didn't happen.  We all came home and took naps.  Here is a picture of Brock sleeping on the couch with Daisy.   

Speaking of Daisy she is sporting a winter vest from Old Navy.  She loves it and we keep her in it all the time. 
Today at lunch Graig and I picked Ava up from school to take her to get pizza  and to look at hamsters.  She has been talking about getting a hamster for months and it's all she wants for Christmas. Here she is holding her hamster. We paid for it today and we are going to pick it up on Christmas Eve.  I think Ava is SO happy that she won't be able to sleep for the next three days! 

Since I'm feeling better I am hoping to make our Christmas cookies tonight!  Happy Wednesday!