Saturday, March 26, 2016

Florida Day 1!

Today is the day my friends and I have been dreaming of for 6 months-our girls spring break trip to Florida!

Sabrina, Stephanie and I flew down from NY on Friday. We are so excited!

Our flight was delayed for 1.5 hours due to bad storms in Orlando so we ate an appetizer at a restaurant in the airport.

Sabrina made this funny collage of me while I was napping on the plane-ha ha!

We finally made it to Orlando and were reunited with our bffs!
This is the only picture the six of us got tonight but I'm sure we will take many more this week!

We had a dinner reservation for 10pm (way past my bedtime but we were on vacation!) it was amazing!

We took a lot of random pictures tonight because we were so happy to see each other! I love these girls and know we will have the best time this week.  

We went to a secret speakeasy and then took an uber back to our hotel at 2am.  I'm exhausted but I'm ready for a fun week ahead.  

The first day in Florida was a blast!