Friday, April 1, 2016

Taco Tuesday

I'm Tuesday night I had my girlfriends over for Taco Tuesday.  My friend Lisa and I try to get together with our girls on Tuesday night to catch up and have tacos.  This week it was at my house and I invited a few more friends to join us :)

And instead of tacos I decided to make grilled pizzas.  These are delicious.  You add whatever toppings you want to your pizza and then you cook them on your grill for 15 minutes.  They taste SO good!  and they are SO easy to make!

I also made some hardboiled eggs because I thought it would be so fun for the girls to clolor them.  Well our girls weren't Interested so is Moms colored eggs.  It was so fun!

Everyone went home with some eggs :-)

Ava had basketball practice last night snd some friends on her team got her a photo book for her birthday.    It was a sweet boom filled with pictures from the last year.  Ava loved it!