Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I crossed something off my 40x41 list over the weekend!  I hiked Vrooman's Nose.  It was a climb nearly straight uphill but it was SO worth it once we got to the top!  It was beautiful!

Here's our group at the top.  I went with my friends Jenni, Lisa and Sabrina.  Ava also went with her friend Chloe.

There was a lot of tree roots and rocks so  my friend Lisa and I held hands sometimes  so we wouldn't fall.  You can see Vrooman's Nose in the corner of this picture. There are no guard rails so we had to be very careful. 

Here's my friend Lisa peering over the edge.  Her daughter Chloe has a tight grip on her.

Here's me on top of Vrooman's Nosr!
As you can see I stayed far away from the edge.  

Here's Ava and her friend Chloe on Vrooman's Nose.  Ava hated being close to the edge she quickly took this picture and then headed back down the mountain.  She leaves on her 8th grade trip to the Grand Canyon on Friday.  That should be interesting!

I took some scenery pictures because it was so beautiful up there.

It was a great morning I am so glad we went!