Monday, April 25, 2016

Ava's 8th grade trip {Grand Canyon}

Ava spent day two of her 8th grade trip at the Gand Canyon!  The girl is just like her Mama and loves to take pictures so she sent us a whole bunch from her time there today.

I love that they take group pictures every day.  What a great memory for the kids!

She made it to the Grand Canyon!!

Abs with her gal pals :-)

She's very  close to the edge 

Sweet girls!  She has been best friends with Avery (in white) since grade school. Ava took dance classes  with Bella (in Navy) for years and Sam (in turquoise) has been a forever friend.  They went to daycare together when they were babies. 

The man in the middle is their tour guide.

It looks like she's having a great time!!
I'm so glad.