Monday, April 18, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt!

Tonight our neighbor's Heidi and Brett had their annual Easter Egg Hunt.  It's a few weeks late because Easter was so early this year!

They always have a big crowd. Here are all the kids on the stairs before the hunt.

Instead of hunting eggs Ava helped us hide them.  It makes me sad to think she's too old to hunt eggs :-(

And the kids are off! We hid a ton of eggs so each kid got a nice, big bag full.
When we were hiding the eggs we found some from last year-ewwww!

The parents took a few pics while the kids were finding eggs. I told everyone in a few years we will look back on these pictures and think we look SO young-ha ha!

Here are some of the younger kids with their eggs.

It was an egg-celente night!