Friday, April 22, 2016

Crafty Wednesday {Picture Monograms}

This week I had three friends that had birthdays.  I wanted to get them something thoughtful that didn't cost a lot of money so I thought a picture collage monogram would be the perfect gift!

I got this idea from the lovely one my friends made me and my friend Jenni at our 40th.

I picked up smaller wooden letters at Walmart in the craft section for $2.  Actually my friend Rachael was there and she got them for me.  She sent me this picture to show me how big they were. 

I looked on Facebook to get the pictures and printed the pictures on black and white on regular copy paper.

I then mod podged the pictures on the letter. I used about 40 pictures per letter.

Here's my finished product.  My friends loved them! It was a fun project to do.