Saturday, November 5, 2016

Best surprise ever!!!

My sister is here visiting with me in NY after our girls trip to DC.  Yesterday she came to work with me.  It was great having her with me.  She loved meeting all my co-workers and she LOVED the fall leaves outside my office.  


G and I are buying a second house to use as a rental property.  It's small and right by the college so when Ava graduates high school our plan is to move into this smaller house and sell our current house. 

We had our final walk through yesterday.  I walked into the kitchen and got the surprise of my life!!! Brock was standing there!  In August, Brock moved to Arizona for a year to spend time working and exploring.  It will be so great having him home for a week!  



Graig planned the whole trip with Brock and Grandma Jan picked him up from the airport.  It was the best surprise ever!

Before we left we took a picture with our fabulous real estate agent Tom and you can see a peek at the front of our new house :-)


We had planned to go to dinner with grandma Jan and my sister in law Anne so they could visit with my sister.  It was extra special because we had Brock with us too!!


What a day!!!