Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall brunch

Last weekend I had my girlfriends over for a fun, festive fall themed brunch.  We are all so busy and it was a great way for us to connect and spend some time together.  

It was a beautiful fall day so I set everything up on the deck. It was great to be able to eat outside.



Inside I wrote on our chalkboard to welcome my friends to the brunch.  I put drinks in the kitchen and desserts on the dining room table.  


I made an egg casserole, a french toast casserole and bacon. Some friends brought things too so we had plenty of food.  



After we ate we did a scarf exchange.  This was so fun and really got us in the mood for fall.  

Here is what we did for the scarf exchange.

Scarf exchange

1.  Everyone brings a scarf wrapped up so that we can’t see what the scarf looks like.  We set a budget of $15 per scarf. 

2.  We write down numbers on pieces of paper for how many of us there are.  There were  12 of us so we we wrote  1-12 on little strips of paper and then we all draw a random number.

3.  Number one goes first and picks a scarf.  They open it and we all oohhh and ahhhh.    Then #2 can either steal a scarf or pick another random wrapped package.  And this goes on and on (similar to a white elephant exchange).  The scarf can only be stolen twice before it gets frozen and then cannot be stolen again.  At the end, we let #1 go again and she can either keep her original scarf or exchange it with anyone wearing an unfrozen scarf.

Stephanie unwrapping the first scarf. 


Here we all are at the end with our beautiful scarves!


 After the scarf exchange we were hungry again so we had dessert.  I made a spiced pumpkin latte cake.  

And my friend Teri made a delicious apple cake.  Both cakes were delicious!  


It was a beautiful day catching up with friends! We had such a fun afternoon that these 5 girls stayed until dinner time

We all had so much fun that this is going to be a monthly tradition!