Friday, November 4, 2016


On Monday afternoon I left for DC for a little girls trip with my sister Shelby.  She was in DC for a conference for work and I decided to join her for a few days of fun!

We stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel which is a beautiful hotel close to all the monuments and museums in Washington.  

Here are some pictures from our room.  It so was gorgeous!  




Tuesday Shelby and I walked to the Washington monument and the White House.  The grounds of the Washington monument are gorgeous.  The elevator to get to the top has been closed since September so sadly we didn't get to do that.  At the White House we couldn't get too close but it was beautiful nonetheless.  




Tuesday afternoon Shelby had her conference so I toured the Holocaust museum.  It was a moving tribute to all the victims of that awful, awful time.  


Yesterday while Shelby was at her conference I toured the Capital and saw the Supreme Court and Library of Congress. 


The Capital Rotunda. This was my favorite room on the tour.  There was so much history!  There were four doors leading to different sections of the Capital.  They also had beautiful oil paintings depicting different parts of American history.  
Over each of the four doors there were sandstone carvings also depicting a different time in our history.



We saw the office of the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.


I loved seeing this because I'm from Illinois!


Each state can donate two statues to be displayed in the capital.  This one of Thomas Edison is the newest one on display.


After my Capital tour I snapped quick pictures of the Supreme  Court and the Library of  Congress before heading back to the hotel to pick up my sister and head for home.  



I had a great few days with her!