Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sunday Funday

Sunday was a busy and fun day for us!  First we woke up to the first snowstorm of the season.  I love winter and don't mind a bit when it snows.  We love sledding and cross country skiing so I was thrilled to get snow so early in the season.


Ava spent Saturday night with a friend and Sunday morning her friend's Mom sent me a picture of the girls doing homework.


My friend Melinda invited a bunch of ladies over to make Christmas wreaths Sunday morning.  She had all of the supplies set up in her big horse barn and all we had to do was create our wreaths.  It was a great morning!



Here are all of us with our finished wreaths.  I'm so thankful for Melinda and all these sweet friends. It was a great morning! 

After wreath making I raced home to go to a baby shower for my friend Sarah.  The shower was at her church and it was decorated so cute.  Sarah is going to have a baby girl in December.  


After the shower I went home to get ready for Ava's second annual friendsgiving.  I'm thankful thank Ava has these friends to share fun times with.  Ava made a turkey breast and ham and her friends brought the side dishes.  The girls loved it they ate and laughed and talked and then ate some more.



It was a great Sunday!  And we have a short week and then we will be off for 5 days to celebrate Thanksgiving.  I just love this time of year.