Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekend fun!

After Thanksgiving we had a relaxing weekend filled with my favorite things-family, friends, and fun!

Friday Ava had her friend sleep over and we drove around looking at lights.  This house has the best lights in town!  We love visiting this house every year.  Our neighbors just put up an adorable lighted soccer scene in their yard which takes up their whole front yard. They always do a great job with their lights.  


Ava had a scrimmage and the same neighbors brought their adorable new puppy Charlie to the game.  


This (creepy?) Santa is on display at our towns historical society.  I thought it was neat so I took a picture.  



Saturday night we went to a Thanksgiving Pitch party.  Pitch is a couples card game.  I made this for my friend Melinda who hosted the party. 


Graig is in his happy place playing poker.


My sister sent this adorable picture of my niece outside Magnolia in Waco.  They are flying to see us in NY later this week.  We can't wait to see them!


Sunday Ava and I took our little friends Noah and Lucas to the movies to see Moana.  It was so good!  Lucas loved the movie and the giant tub of popcorn we got ;)


I hope you had a great weekend!