Thursday, November 3, 2016

This is Halloween

Halloween was full of my favorite things-fall, friends, family and fun!!!

Friday afternoon my college  students hosted a carnival for the community.  One of the fraternity presidents dressed up like Spider-Man.  The kids loved it!


My bestie Rachael and her boys dressed up as a "work man" and a "digger"


My bestie Sabrina had a Halloween party Friday night.  It was SO fun!!

I brought her some wine and my favorite fall treat candy corn and peanuts (it tastes just like a payday candy bar)!


There were great costumes at the party!

Shark Week


Struck by Lightning and a Pi├▒ata


I went as a referee! 


I did not win the costume contest-ha ha!


Sabrina went as the Queen of Hearts and her daughter was Alice and her husband was the Mad Hatter.  It was so cute!


Here are the guys.  They were THRILLED to have their picture taken.


It was a great night! We had SO much fun.


It was a great