Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

Our dear friends L and S had us over for Christmas Eve.  It was a great night!  They made a delicious ham dinner and the kids did a gift exchange.  We all spent a lot of time talking, laughing and eating which is exactly how we like to spend holidays :-)

It's been a bittersweet Christmas because Brock stayed in Arizona.  We talked to him a few times over the weekend which was great and BIG news late last week he got accepted to Arizona State for the spring semester so he's pumped about that.  He is so happy there and I'm happy that he's happy but as a Mom It's hard having him 2000 miles from home.

Every year  I like to get a picture of our family in front of the tree.  L and S had  beautiful tree and I love the multicolored lights they used on their tree.  I know a lot of people like white lights but I'm a huge fan of multicolored lights!  


A lot of Ava's friends were at the party which was so fun for her.   In her gift exchange she got a gift certificate to Lush which she loved!

I made L a monogrammed tray that she loved.  I love it too and I might have to make one for myself this week!


Here are the Moms after a night of Christmas fun.  It was a great night and a fun new tradition for us!  

 After the party Ava and I went to 10pm church to meet some friends and neighbors to worship together.  It was a beautiful service.

Here are the girls after church.  It was almost midnight but the girls were all smiles because it was almost Christmas :-)


Christmas morning we woke up around 8:30 and opened presents at home.


After opening presents here we went to Grandma Jan's for brunch and more presents.

Grandma Jan decorated her cactus plant as her Christmas tree this year. It was so cute!


I brought a shrimp platter and stuff to make Bloody Mary's.  Both were delicious and perfect for brunch. 



Grandma Jan won the award for best present this year.  She got Ava an Apple Watch.  Ava was SO thrilled!  She loves it.



Someone was tired after brunch-ha ha!


My friend P went to NYC today and saw our tree.  She said it was beautiful but SO busy and crazy. I love the picture she sent.  I have 100's of tree pictures to go through this week.  I want to make us a photo book with all of our tree pics.


I hope you had an amazing Christmas with your loved ones.