Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Weekend fun!!!

Hello friends.... I love December!  There are always so many fun events and parties this month.  I can't believe we fit all of this into one weekend but we did it!  I love weekends full of fun.  

Thursday night two friends and their husbands did a fundraiser at their law office for family services.  They raised $35,000!!!  It was a great night and many people in our community will have a Merry Christmas because of them.  


Friday night Ava had a basketball game. Thankfully G was there and my friend L took pics.  She did great and scored 6 points.  


I couldn't go because I hosted our monthly craft night.  Our December craft was a huge success!  Here is one of the signs  one of the ladies made.  I am doing a full post on our craft night tomorrow.  R and I have been planning our 2017 craft nights.  We have lots of good ones coming up next year.  


Saturday afternoon we went to the Rotary Christmas party.  Ava has been going through the interview and selection process to be an rotary exchange student.  Saturday we went to find out where she will be next year and we leaned she is going to the Czech Republic/Slovakia.  She is so excited!  She leaves next August and she will spend the next 8 months learning the languages of both countries (they are similar but not the same).  We are so proud of her!!!! 


 Saturday night I went solo to our friends annual Christmas party.  (Graig was reffing-story of my life in the winter-ha ha!)  M and B always have the best parties!  This one was no exception.  They had a photo booth and we did a naughty or nice Christmas gift exchange-so fun!! 




Sunday morning Ava and I got up early to go to the Otesaga for breakfast with Santa.  We went with R and her boys.  It was lovely morning.  

The kids look miserable here but I promise they had a great time-ha!


The decorations are always so pretty at the Otesaga.  


Ava took a selfie with Santa.  Both of my kids have seen this same Santa for years in Cooperstown.  He is the best!  


 Saturday afternoon I had to work a bit.  I'm the advisor for the College's leadership honor society and we had our yearly induction ceremony.  We have 62 new members.   
Here are the officers before the ceremony.


Right after the ceremony Ava and I went to see our community theater's  production of the The Wizard of Oz. We knew so many people in the play so it was fun to watch.  


To round out our fun weekend Ava and I went to a sing along at a local bar/restaurant with some friends.  We went to this last year and we had a blast!  So many people were there and everyone was in the Christmas spirit.  We had a fabulous time!  



I hope you had a great weekend!