Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tree Lighting

After dinner we headed over to the Tree Lighting.  We had a special pen on the side of the ice skating rink so this is a picture of everyone in pen.  You can see the unlit tree in the background. 

Ava with her dear friends Dani and Arianna.


We walked over to see some other friends that came to see the tree lighting.  I'm glad we got a picture with them!

Our Mayor and his wife came for the tree lighting too so we took a quick picture with them.  Their daughter lives in NYC so she was there too.

We had to pose for a few pictures and do a few interviews before the tree lighting.   It was dark but with all the flashes it looks like daylight. Ava wanted to do interviews with us so she came with us too.


I snapped one last picture of the tree without lights.  I can't believe this tree was in our backyard!  


We stopped for a quick pic with our friend Erik who is the one that finds the tree every year.  One of the best parts about this whole experience has been getting to know him and the whole team of people that work with him.  He's great and I'm sure we will stay in touch with him in the years ahead.  


We did a few interviews before the tree lighting.  I was fascinated by the number of foreign press that were there and that wanted to talk to us.  I took a few pictures of them with us.

This reporter was from Bangladesh.

Here we are with a reporter from Italy.


After our interviews we headed back to our pen to watch the performers and tree lighting.  We were thrilled that our family and some dear friends got to come and share the night with us.

Graig invited his current boss Todd and his former boss Greg to the tree lighting.  He admires and respects both of the guys so much I was happy they along with their wives  were able to come and be with us during the tree lighting.   


Grandma Jan with her bff Phyllis. 


Graig and I waiting for the big moment!


I am so thrilled my sister and her husband and their daughter were able to be with us at the tree lighting.  It was so great having them there.

 Sarah McLaughlin was one of the musical performers. She looked beautiful and sounded amazing.  I loved seeing her performance.

 It was so exciting when the tree was finally lit.  Everyone was so happy and excited! 


Grandma Jan and my sister in law Anne.

We took a big group picture in front of the tree before heading back to our hotel.  It was a magical night and we will never, ever forget it.


Crystal Cudaback said...

This is the coolest thing ever! I love Christmas and I love that your tree got chosen! What an experience of a life time.