Thursday, December 22, 2016

Craft night!

Last Friday night Rachael and I had our monthly craft night.   This month we made wooden signs. As always it was a great night.  Rachael was sick as a dog all day with a migraine so she sent her husband Michael to help me.  He was a big help!    

We spent the week before staining wood and cutting the stencils and vinyl for the signs.  Our plan was to have each participant make one with vinyl and one using a stencil.  However people LOVED the vinyl and hated the stencil so if we do this again we will just do vinyl because the vinyl was so much easier.  

Instead of brown wrapping paper we used Christmas wrapping paper for the table this  month.  It was so festive when people came in.  


People were SO creative with their signs.  Everyone was different but they each turned out so perfect!



I love monograms and I loved when a few of the ladies did monograms on their boards. 


We had two mother daughter pairs this month which was really sweet.


I was happy our friend Marisa came.  She is so crafty!


Here's our big group picture!  Even my helper Michael got on this one!


It was a great night!  Next month we are making wine cork boards and mini planters.