Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Our weekend

Last weekend was a fun one for us!

I started out by meeting two former students for appetizers right after work.  These two graduated last year and I was thrilled when they said they were going to be in town.  It was great catching up with them!


Friday night Ava had a basketball game.  I always love watching her play basketball.  


Ava and her friend Anne.  Anne is an exchange student from Denmark and she'll be living with us for three months starting next month. Aren't they cute together?  I think we are going to have a great three months with Anne.


I love getting pics of people seeing our tree.  My friend Liz sent me this pic over the weekend.  We are hoping to get down to NYC one more time to see it.  


Saturday night we saw the Nutcracker.  Ava was in the Nutcracker for a few years when she did ballet.   We always love going to see it and it really gets us in the Christmas spirit.


Here's our group after we watched the show.  It was a great night!  


Sunday we went to brunch to celebrate Rachael's birthday. I planned it for her and I'm so happy so many of our friends could go! 


That was our weekend.  One more week until Christmas.  I can't wait.