Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ava's 8th grade trip {Slide Rock}

On Sunday Ava went to Slide Rock State Park and the Flagstaff Lava River Tube.

The Lava River is dark so we had to get her a headlamp so she could see. Here's Ava going in with her headlamp.

After that adventure they headed out for another one to Slide Rock State Park.

She's having a blast!  This is a trip she'll remember forever.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ava's 8th grade trip {Lower Antelope Canyon}

Ava spent day 3 of her 8th grade trip exploring Lower Antelope Canyon. 
She's posting pics every night on Facebook which has been great so we can follow along with her class and their adventures.

I'm so thankful Ava has a big group of friends.  She's been friends with most of these girls since kindergarten or before!  They all have a great time together. 

These next two pictures are goregous!    I'm so glad she's taking pictures of the beautiful things she's seeing.

Of course the girls take lots of selfies :-) 

I'm so glad she has all these pictures to remember her special trip.   This has been a great week for her and her friends and I'm sure she'll remember it forever.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Ava's 8th grade trip {Grand Canyon}

Ava spent day two of her 8th grade trip at the Gand Canyon!  The girl is just like her Mama and loves to take pictures so she sent us a whole bunch from her time there today.

I love that they take group pictures every day.  What a great memory for the kids!

She made it to the Grand Canyon!!

Abs with her gal pals :-)

She's very  close to the edge 

Sweet girls!  She has been best friends with Avery (in white) since grade school. Ava took dance classes  with Bella (in Navy) for years and Sam (in turquoise) has been a forever friend.  They went to daycare together when they were babies. 

The man in the middle is their tour guide.

It looks like she's having a great time!!
I'm so glad.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Saturday Fun

Today I started my day by running a 5k with some friends.  It was a fun way to start the day!

After the race I met up with my friend Sabrina and her Mom for an afternoon looking at plants and flowers.  

We went to a great greenhouse that has a cafe so we had a delicious lunch.

For dessert I got this delicious carrot cake.  It was amazing!

Sabrina and I :-) 

Sabrina and her Mom and Eliza.  I think this is such a sweet picture of them. 

Eliza got a shake.  She loved it!

We got some fun plants.  I got this lemon tree.  We should have some lemons from it this year!

Tonight Graig and I went out to dinner which was so fun.
It was a great Saturday!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ava's 8th grade trip {Red Rock}

Ava had the best first day on her trip!  They visited Red Rock National Conservation Area. I asked her to send pictures and she sent 27 :-)   Brock went on the same trip 5 years ago and he still talks about it!  So we are thrilled Ava had the opportunity to go too.

I love this picture of their whole group :-)

Ava and her besties.

Selfie :-) 

Today the head to the Grand Canyon. I can't wait to see those pictures.