Monday, May 1, 2017

Our weekend

We had a busy weekend!  Ava was in a basketball tournament all weekend thankfully G took her because I had a lot going on at home. 


Friday night we went out for my friend Jenn's birthday.  We went to a local restaurant that makes homemade pizzas every Friday night.  I had heard great things about it and I was so excited that we got to go try it. The food was amazing!!! So fresh and delicious.  We ordered two pizzas (mushroom and margherita) and two salads and the three of us shared a bottle of wine.  We had a great time!  




After dinner we raced home to attend an open house for a yoga studio that is opening in our town.  My friend Jenn is a yoga teacher and she teaches at this  new place. It was beautiful and there were so many people there. I have been going to hot yoga there once a week and I love it.   


Saturday I was busy, busy, busy all day getting things ready for my brunch.  Saturday night I went to Rachael's for a dip in the hot tub and snacks.  It was so fun catching up with these girls! ❤️


And yesterday I had my brunch.  I'm so glad my friends saw my new house.  It was a great weekend!  You can read about the brunch here.

I  have a short week at work this week and then Thursday afternoon I'm headed to Cape Cod with friends for the weekend.