Sunday, April 30, 2017

Paint and Sip Brunch

So we are finally all settled into our new summer home and I decided to have my friends over for a paint and sip/brunch. 

My friend Lauren was our painting teacher  and we decided to do this painting.  Lauren was so sweet and made mine in advance because she knew I would be busy during the party. I love the way it turned out and I'm going to put it in our kitchen. 


I did the painting part of the party in our garage which worked out great.  I didn't do many decorations but I did a chalkboard sign and a cute little banner to make the garage festive.



I had about 20 friends come over this morning which was so fun! 



We spent most of our time crowded around the little table in my sunroom.  People loved it out there!  I hope we have many parties out there this summer ❤️

The paintings took a couple of hours to do and during breaks people would come inside to get food and drinks.  I took a few pictures of the paintings in progress.  I like how each person chose a little bit different color scheme. 




A few friends brought me housewarming gifts today  that were so thoughtful ❤️❤️ monograms and plants two of my very favorite things 


It was a great morning and I was so happy to celebrate our new home with friends.