Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Craft Wednesday {plants}

Spring has finally sprung in NY and it makes me want to surround myself with all things green.  I have been buying plants like crazy for the past few weeks.  I love decorating with real live plants. I got some beautiful plants at the Philadelphia garden show and I've also gotten some nice  ones at the local grocery store.

I got this beautiful plant at the Philadelphia garden show. 


I originally put it in a terrarium but I had to take it out because it's leaves were all droopy and sad looking. I replanted it today and I hope it perks back up.  

I got this air plant at the Philadelphia garden show.  I love, love, love air plants and this one goes great in our hutch.  Air plants do great in indirect light and we have a lot of indirect light in our house so these always work well for us.  


To water air plants you just turn them over and soak them in water for an hour of two one time per week.


This pot of succulents is still doing great!  I added the bunny for a spring touch.  I got it years ago at Pier One. 


I added a succulent to this little glass planter so far it's doing really well in its new home ❤


I got this flower pot at the flower and garden festival last month at Epcot.  I got some mojito mint at the Philadelphia garden show so now I'm all set to make mojitos this spring and summer!


I added this little fern to a small terrarium and so far it's doing great!  I love terrariums because they always look pretty and they are low maintenance.  That's a win-win in my book 😉


I love this new terrarium I got on Amazon.  Unfortunately the tall plant I had to take out because it was getting droopy. I need to find another little plant to go in here.


I have a love/hate relationship with maidenhair fern.  So far I'm loving this one from the Philadelphia garden show.  Maybe I've FINALLY learned how to take care of them.  I have been adding two ice cubes to the pot each day and I've been spritzing the leaves with water and so far it still looks great!! 


I love propagating plants so I divided up one of my succulents so it could develop roots and grow new plants.  You can see roots are already starting to grow on these plants.  


That's a sneak peak at my spring plants.  I'll post in s few months to let you know how they are doing!  I'm hoping I can keep them alive 😂