Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Washington {Day 2}

I'm back to talk to you about day 2 of our Washington trip.  Tuesday was our second day in Washington.  We started our day at the Capital.  I requested a  tour through the office of our Represenitive.  We met in his office for our tour.


It was a beautiful day and our tour started outside.  We learned about the history of the building and where the Inaguration takes place and then we headed inside.


Inside we saw The Statue of Freedom.  This same statue is on the top of the Capital.  


 We saw the old Supreme Court and Senate chambers.  So much history was made in these rooms.



These are the stairs that the President-elect and other officials walk down right before the Inauguration.  

The Rotunda was my favorite spot in the Capital.  It was so beautiful.


After our tour we walked to the Library of Congress.  The main building was breathtaking.  The architectural detail was unbelievable.  It was just amazing.  Unexpectedly, this was my favorite building in DC.





After the Library of Congress we went to lunch and then we headed to the Botonic Garden.  


It was so beautiful!  There were so many wonderful plants.  I was in heaven because I love plants.  We explored the Botonic Garden for about an hour.  





 Sadly, the Botonic Garden was the last stop on our trip.  After we toured that we went and packed up our car and headed back to NY.  We had a great few days in DC and we want to go back!  There is so much more to see.