Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Home Tour Tuesday {dining room/kitchen}

Today on our home tour is our dining room/kitchen.  We live in a 1933 Tudor house which we love.  Here we are in front of our house this past fall. 

 This summer we are renting our house out to baseball families that are here for camps.  We have 12 weeks booked.  During that time we are going to move into a little house that we bought last fall.  


Our living room and dining room are two separate spaces on our main floor.  We use our dining room for eating obviously but also for crafts and games.  I love our cozy dining room and we spend a lot of time in this space. 


Here is our dining room from another angle.  My Dad gave us the table and a few years ago we had it refinished and stained darker.  The French doors go out to our back dec k and the doorway leads to our office. 


Here is our kitchen. A few years ago I painted our cabinets and last year we put up the wooden shades. We spend lots of time in this little space :-). 

I hope you loved our tour.  Until next week.