Monday, April 3, 2017

Happy Things {March}

It's going to be hard to top March when I look back on this year.  So many good things happened this month!  Almost each day I write down one thing that I'm happy about and put it in a jar next to my bed.  I did this last year and you can see the post here.  You can also see January and February from this year.

1-book club at my house 
2-helped decorate for Mardi Gras party. 
4-Mardi Gras party!
5-Florida Epcot!  Loved seeing my family
6-Florida Magic Kingdom 
7-Florida Hollywood Studios
8-Florida Magic Kingdom
9-Florida Animal Kingdom
10-Florida St. Pete 
11-Florida St. Pete  
12-Florida. St. Pete 
13-garden club meeting 
14-snow day number 1
15-snow day number 2
16-Philadelphia flower show 
17-Beauty and the Beast with Ava and my friend Teri and her girls 
18-spent time reading :-)
19-Ava's 15th birthday!!!!! 
22-watched Ava play basketball 
24-ice cream with Ava after school 
25-leadership conference with students!!
26-Graig's basketball banquet 
27-made pasta with Vicki
28-book club.  Great book this month!!
29-taco night with the family! 
30-made a succulent bracelet with my friend Sabrina 
31-happy hour at Jenn's

March was a busy month!  I am going to be intentional about being less busy in April. I want to relax and be with my family in our house before the craziness of
Have a great Monday.