Thursday, January 5, 2017

Craft Wednesday {2016 Happy Memories}

I love to be crafty and creative so once a week I am going to share the projects I have been working on.  I loved this little project that took ALL YEAR to finish.  I will say I started the year off strong and then I completely forgot to write stuff down after August. One of my resolutions is to do these little notes all year :)   I added little post it notes to a mason jat (almost) daily of good things that happened to us last year.

 I recorded all of my 2016 memories on little post it notes in a mason jar.  Yesterday I went through all of my little post it notes from 2016.  I had a great time looking at each and every one and remembering what a good year 2016 was!  My game was strong until August when I got super busy and did not write a THING down for the rest of the year.  I am going to try this again this year because it was great looking back at all of our memories.  I got the cute little tag on Pinterest here.

1-Daytona Beach with family. Ran on beach.  Saw Grandma's old house.  Played with Brock and Ainsley in the ocean
2 Epot with family.
3 Magic Kingdon with family and then at night rode lots of rides with Sara H./4 At at Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom with Dad, Vicki, Shelby, Ryan Ainsley and Brock
5 Spent all day at Hollywood Studios with family.  Met Sara and Melany for dinner at Disney Springs
6 Spent day at Animal Kingdom.  Brock loved it!  I love watching him be excited about the animals
7 Flew home from Disney. Bittersweet saying goodbye to family.  Started reading "Living Well, Spending Less"
8 First Craft Night at the Green Earth
9 Kids Crafts at Green Earth.  First one!  Had 10 kids.  Pit Run recipient lunehon the winners have done great things!
10 Quiet Day at home. Netflix binge.  Pizza for dinner.
11 Great excercise class at the Y
12 Coffee date with my dear friend Amy
13 Celebrated by 40th birthday by going to Ava's basketball game (they lost-boo!)  Also lunch with the girls and coffee with Rachael
14 Coffee with Mica and Michelle Lunch with Inez and Donna.
14 My friend A had her baby boy D
16 My 40th birthday bash in Cooperstown Rented a house with friends-great time
17 Hung out with Sabrina and Eliza.  We got Sweet Frog and made monogram headbands.
20 Celebrated G's birthday with lunch together
22 Ava's game, lunch with Heather and Rachal, Dinner with Brock and Janice
23 Fitness training at the YMCA then celebrated Lisa's birthday!
24 Sabrina helped me with sorority recruitment
25 Texts from Brock about his first day of the spring semester
28 Dinner for Lisa's birthday, a full swim class and talking to Brock about his spring classes
30 Dinner out with G and friends
31 Kidnapped by three of my best girlfriends and taken to the spa for my 40th birthday

1 Shopping with Rachael
3 First Bunco night
4 Ava's last basketball game, Ava had a great game (they lost by 1 point :()
5 Lunch with Heather
6 worked on memory tree for a friend's husband who passed away from cancer
7 Superbowl party at our friends S and L's
8 Garden Club Valentine Tea
10 Lunch with Sabrina
11 beautiful memorial service for a friend's husband that died of cancer
12 Craft night it was  FREEZING cold and kind of a bust
13 lunch with Rachael, Stephanie, Sab and Barb at Ommegang, I was in a fashion show at the College
14 Dad's birthday good to talk with him. Dinner with G for Valentine's Day
18 Lunch out with Ava
19 Lunch out with Lori and Lisa, 1/2 marathon planning with Danielle
20 Cooking class with Jenn and Barb
21 5 mile training run with  Danielle and Barb,
22 great Monday morning fitness class
24 Pasta making with Jenn and Barb
25 Planning lunch for fundraiser for boys and girls club
25 Celebrated Heidi's birthday
26 Concert with friends
27 Pedi's with Ava and Sab
28 6 mile run with Danielle, Brunch with Petrea, YMCA dinner at Bella Michael's
29 Book club at my house

1 Eating McDonalds with Ava in the carwash
2 Bunco and lunch with friends at my house
4 April Craft night and drinks with friends after
5-9 Illinois visit with Dad, Shelby and Ainsley
11 Brock home for spring break
10 Visiting Gary and Anne's farm with Ava, Rachael and her boys
11 Garden Club meeting
12 Snowmegang
13 Going away party for Ava's bff Ava
15 Having Brock home for spring break
16 Fun lunch with Sabrina and meeting for Ava's trip to Grand Canyon
17 Movie night with Brock
18 Ava's birthday dinner with the family
20 Ava and I had a fun day with Sab and Eliza
21 Made monogram bags with Sab
22 Pizza and egg dyeing party with friends
24 Helped Ava with her paper route
25-30 Girls trip to Florida for fun!!

1 Brock home for the weekend, chicken parm dinner with the family
2 Fundraiser for the YMCA, late night movie with Brock
3 Epicurean Festival and visit with Garth and Jill
6 Watching Ava grow into a confident young woman
12 Swim class with Ava
14 Pizza with Garth Jill and our niece and nephew
14 Ava took my swim class
14 MSNBC taping at Fly Creek
16 Easter Egg Hunt at neighbor's
17 Hiking to Vrooman's nose
19 Taco Tuesday with Lisa
20 Teri's birthday dinner
20 Ava coming to my office to help me with my work
23 Dinner with G and our dear friends V and D
23 Ran the Cider 5k, visited carefree Gardens with Sab and Eliza
27 End of the year awards dinner at work
27 Ava returns from the Grand Canyon
29 Lunch for Jenn's b-day
30 NYC might want to use our tree as their Christmas tree!
30 Gal Pal night at Rachael's

1 Spring cleaning with G, Brunch with Lisa
2 Fun bookclub stayed til 11!
2 Ainsley's appointments at Mayo clinic
3 Watching election coverage with G
4 Bunco at Lisa's Cinco de Mayo theme!
6 Monica's surprise 45th birthday
7 Living Wreath Class and Kentucky Derby Party
8 Ava's AAU team won their basketball tournament
9 Garden Club lunch at Otesaga
11 Brock is home for summer
13 G's staff end of the year dinner
14 Erin's birthday dinner
14 Branch and Bloom open house
18 Tree measured it's healthy and strong.  94 feet tall!
20 Craft night at GE lunch with Brock
21 Ran three miles without stopping!
22 Spent all day reading
23 Brock started his summer job
24  8th grade Graduation dress shopping with Ava
26  Trip to Hamilton with Sab and Ava
27  Sharon Springs spring festival and girls night at Sab's
31 Worked in my garden

1 Lunch with Donna and Inez
2 Wine night with Rachel
3 Ice cream with Ava, seeing G's former students at reunion weekend
8 Color run  with Ava and Boat Ride on Stephanie's new boat
19 Swimming at Lisa's
20 Ava's 8th grade graduation
22 Animal Adventure with Rachael
22 First tree fertilizer
26 Faith's baby shower
27 Book club night

1 Hospice Concert
3 Ithaca with Sab and Lisa and girls, Pitch card party with G and friends
4 Fourth of July parade plus two parties and fireworks!
5 Swimming party at Lori's house
6 Baseball dinner
7 Bunco night at Debbie's
9 Two fun high school graduation parties one for Ethan and one for Dalton
9-10 Brock and Ava in Gus Macker basketball tournament
11 Garden Club Picnic
13 Wine night with friends
14 Sab's birthday dinner to Kaaterskill Falls
16 A fun day on Otsego Lake
17 Lisa's pool party
20 Kayaking and Crucible play with Lisa and our girls
22 Family game night
23 Hall of Fame Parade
25 Bookclub at Rachael's
26 100 women who care event
27 Member Guest party for CC at K and E's
28 a night on the porch watching fireworks with friends
29 Bad Mom's movie with girl friends
30 New Jersey for a friend's mothers funeral
31 Saratoga race track with kids

2 Wine night with Rachael and her sister
3 My sister Shelby's birthday
4 Bunco night at Mica's

I've already started my 2017 jar!


Journaling is so hard for me so this is an easy way for me to remember the happy times that we've had this year.  Let me know if you try a happy things jar!