Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cinnamon roll Tradition

Last year my dear friend Rachael and I decided to make cinnamon rolls with our kids  for our friends for Christmas morning.  We had so much fun doing it last year we decided it would be our Christmas eve tradition!  We use the Pioneer Woman's recipe and I make the dough the night before so it can rise overnight.

We get up bright and early on Christmas eve morning to make the rolls.  

This year Ava decided to sleep in so Rachael's boys were our "helpers".  They loved playing with the dough and making cutouts with it.


They helped me roll the dough flat to make the cinnamon rolls.

Here we are with our 10 pans of cinnamon rolls ready for delivery.

We package them up cute with plates, napkins, icing and the directions for baking them on Christmas morning.  



After we package them up then we go around and deliver them while we listen to Christmas music.  Our friends are so happy to get them and we have a great time making them.
I hope continue this tradition for many years to come.