Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 year in review

2016 was a whirlwind year for us!  I am hoping 2017 can be just as exciting but it's going to be hard to top 2016.  Of course 2016 had its challenges and set backs as well.  Today I'm going to concentrate on all the happy memories we've had in 2016.  

1-in January Brock and I went to Disney with my Dad, Vicki and my sister and her family.  It was my Dad's Christmas present to us and we had the best time!   You can read all about our Disney trip here, here and here.

  2-I turned 40 in January.  My friends rented a beautiful house in Cooperstown for the weekend and we had a great time.  You can read all about my birthday adventures here, here and here.  



1-Ava was in the thick of her 8th grade basketball season.  Basketball is definitely her thing and we loved watching her play in all her games in 2016.


2-In February my dear friend Rachael and I started a little craft business.  Once a month we host a craft class.  We provide all materials and supplies and you can just come relax and craft.  The response and support that we have received is tremendous and we are so thankful.  You can read about our monthly craft nights here and here



1-Our Ava turned 14!!  We love her SO much and are proud of the person she's growing up to be. 


2-I went to Illinois to visit my Dad.  My sister and little Ainsley cane up from Texas and we had a great time.  I always love going back to Illinois. You can read about Illinois here, here and here

3-I went on a girls trip to Florida with some of my best gal pals.  We went to Daytona Beach and had the best time.  You can read about our trip here and here


4-Ava went to Indianapolis for the final 4 women's basketball tournament.  She LOVED it.  


1-Brock came home for spring break. I always love having him home.  Here he is with a goat from his Aunt and Uncle's farm.


2-G's brother a Garth and his family came for a visit from Colorado.  Brock had a great time with them.



1-Ava went with her 8th grade class to the Grand Canyon.  It was a great experience for her and she still talks about that trip.  I think she'll remember it forever!  You can read about the trip here and here.


1-In January of 2016 my dear friend Rachael and I started a Bunco group. There are about 15 of us that meet monthly to play.  Our May bunco was at my friend Lisa's house.  It was Cinco de Mayo themed.  


2-Brock finished his freshman year!  He came home and had a little reunion with his high school bff's.


3-our friends Amy and Dave had their annual Memorial Day party at their  lake.  This party means it's the start of summer!!!



1-I celebrated the start of the summer by going to a Dixie Chicks concert in Saratoga with my gal pals.  We spent the night and had the best time!


2-my dear friend Stephanie got a boat and we spent many summer days on Otsego Lake this summer.

3-Ava graduated from 8th grade!!


1-Ava played in the Gus Macker basketball tournament.  She loves this tournament every year.  


2-My dear friend Sabrina celebrated her birthday to celebrate we took our girls hiking at Katterskill Falls in the Catskills.  It was gorgeous!


3- I went to the hospice benefit concert with friends.  This concert is always the best night of the summer. This year Pat Benetar played and she was great!



1-Ava and I spent a soggy day with our neighbors at the Saratoga race track. 


2-we celebrated Brock's 19th birthday!! Brock also decided to take a year off college and move to Arizona.  Which at the time I thought was completely crazy but he completely loves Arizona.  He has a cute apartment, a great roommate, he found a good job working in IT for a large insurance company and he got accepted to Arizona State University.  



1-Ava started high school!  Here is a picture from class spirit day.



1- Ava went to her freshman homecoming dance.  You can read all about her homecoming dance here

2-I had a fall themed brunch with my best gal pals on our deck.  You can read all about it here.


3-My sister and I met in Washington DC for a sister trip.  You can read all about our DC trip here



1-a big tree in our back yard was selected as the 2016 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree!!!


2-I went to a fun 20's themed party to benefit our local hospital.


3-Brock surprised me and came home from Arizona!  You can read all about his surprise visit here.  We also bought another house that we are going to use as a rental house.   Here we are with our real estate agent Tom in front of the new house.


4-Our tree got tied up to  keep it safe for its ride to the city.


5- We had a big party to celebrate our tree!  Here I am with my best gal pals at our tree party.  

6-Our tree got cut down and it made it's way to NYC.  

7-We went down to the city to see our tree and watch the lighting ceremony.  


 8-My sister Shelby and her family came to visit us and see the tree lighting.  

9-Our tree was lit in NYC.  



1-I had a fun day with my dear friends in NYC the day after the tree lighting.  We went to the Today Show, went ice skating and had a great time in the City.  You can read all about our trip here.  

2-Ava started her first high school basketball season!  

3-Ava got accepted as a Rotary Exchange student for the next school year.  She will be going to the Czech Republic or Slovakia.  She is SO pumped about going!  We have lots to do to get her ready for trip but she is SO excited about what adventures await her.   


4.  We saw Santa and had a quiet Christmas at home this year.  You can read all about our Christmas here.

We have been so blessed in 2016 with lots of special memories and fun times.  We are looking forward to see what 2017 brings us!