Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Workin' it Wednesday-New Years Resolutions

Today I am joining other bloggers to talk about how I work at keeping it together.  Today's topic is New Year's Resolutions.  I totally LOVE making resolutions every year so I am excited to share mine today.  Usually  I try to put too much on my plate and do too much.  This year I really thought about what I wanted to do and tried to list just a few goals that I wanted to accomplish.

So here they are!

1-Number one on this list is being a good Mom to my kids.  They are my everything and I love them both so so much.    They are almost grown up and parenting these two this year is going to look different than in the past and I need to figure that out.   Brock moved to Arizona and is starting at Arizona State in the fall and Ava is getting ready to go to the Czech Republic or Slovakia for 11 months to be an exchange student.  I am SO proud of both of them but G and I are going to miss them terribly.  

2-I love, love, love yoga and want to start taking yoga classes regularly.  I love the mind/body connection of yoga.  Yoga helps me slow down and and concentrate on what's important.   My goal for this year is to take 2-3 classes a week.  

3-Another one of my resolutions is to read more!  I absolutely LOVE to read and it's always the first thing that gets tossed aside if I get busy.  I have a ton of books that I want to read and my goal for this year is to read a little bit every single day. Reading is my bliss!  

4-Another one of my resolutions is to SLOW down and enjoy life.  I feel that we have SO much going on that I don't get the time to ENJOY parties, lunches out, date nights, girls nights, Ava's basketball games because I am always thinking about the next thing.  This year I am going to be really selective about what I do and REALLY enjoy the things that I choose to do.

Here are the other topics this year for Workin' It Wednesdays.  There are some good ones this year ;)

Happy Wednesday!!


The real housewife of DC said...

I definitely want to work on reading more. I hope we can both accomplish our goals, happy new year!