Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend fun!!

We had a full weekend-it included watching our girl play basketball, dinner with friends, an orientation for Ava's study abroad program and yoga.  So it was pretty much perfect :-)

Friday night Ava had a basketball game.  I love this picture of her and her teammates before the game.  They won!  


Saturday bright and early we got up and headed to Ava's study abroad orientation.  It was a full day of sessions, workshops and filling out paperwork for Ava's year abroad.  She is going to the Czech Republic and is thrilled!


The Christmas season is over so our tree came down in NYC :-(.   We got this picture from the guys that took it down.   It's being milked into lumber for Habitat for Humanity.



Saturday night after a looonnggggg day at orientation I met up with some girls friends for dinner.  We had the best time laughing and catching up.  I love these girls <3


Sunday I went to yoga and then our exchange student Anne moved in!  She got to our house Saturday afternoon and spent all afternoon getting her room set up.  She's been in the United States since August and has been living with another family.    She will be with us three months and we have a few fun trips planned during her stay with us.  She is a doll and gets along perfectly with Ava.  I think she's a great fit for our family.  



That was our weekend!  We have basketball, I have bunco and we are celebrating my birthday this week so it should be a great week.