Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share my Friday favorites.  I am soooo happy it's Friday!   We have some fun things planned this weekend including snow tubing and a surprise party so I can't wait to get the weekend started.  I have lots of favorites this weekend so here we go....

1-Last night Rachael and I had our first craft night of the year!  Our friend Julia came and we had a great time laughing and talking together.   It was a great night :)


2-Ava's bff Lennon turned 16!  So while I was at Craft Night Ava and her friends were eating sushi to celebrate Lennon's sweet 16.

3.  F in blue is a regular at my aqua aerobics class.  Her great-granddaughter in pink takes swim lessons at the same time as our class so I got a picture for our Y facebook page.  Four generations in the picture-so sweet!!


4- I love, love, love books so for Christmas I got this book for my girlfriends because I heard it was a great book about organization and I am LOVING it so far!  I am hoping to get through this book this weekend.

5-I have been loving essential oils.  This one is my favorite for bed time. I put a drop on my neck when I am getting ready for bed and it helps me relax and go to sleep. I love it!

6-  I am also loving these two modern planters I got at Target.   They were only $5 each!  I love inexpensive, cute decor items.  I got flowers for my birthday so I split up the flowers and put them in both vases and they are on our dining room table.  I love the way they look.


Happy Friday!