Thursday, January 5, 2017

Basketball season

Ava is in the middle of her first basketball season in high school.  She has practice and games 2-3 times per week.   She loves everything about basketball-her teammates, her coaches and the game itself. I love watching her play and G is THRILLED that she loves it so much.  She was a dancer for many years and he was thrilled when she put down the ballet slippers and picked up a basketball.

My dear friend Lynn takes pictures of all of the girls during the games.  Here are some she has taken of Ava this season.  I am SO thankful that she takes pictures because I am too busy talking  I mean paying attention to the game to take pictures.

This is their pre-game team circle.   Ava's team has cheers and chants they do and before every game they get in this circle and give each other a little pep talk.

I am so happy that our girl loves basketball so much and I am thankful that she has many good friends on her team.
 This is Ava with her friend (since kindergarten!) Ting.  This is Ting's first year playing basketball and she is loving it!  


Happy Thursday!