Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Craft Night {Wine cork planters and cork boards}

My friend Rachael and I have a craft business called Branch and Bloom.  Once a month we host a craft class and Thursday was this months class.  We have a Facebook page and we post all of our events there.  We have a lot of fun planning each and every class. 


This month we made wine cork planters and cork boards. We wanted something cute and simple for January and this was the perfect craft.  We needed 50 corks per person for this craft so we ordered our corks in bulk  from Amazon.


For the wine cork boards we got yard sticks from Home Depot for $1 and we spray painted them white.  Then our crafty ladies just had to add their corks to their yard stick.  We sat out bowls of corks so people could mix and match and find the corks they liked best.


Here's one finished craft and Rachael has one in progress.


The second craft people did was wine cork planters.  We drilled holes in the top of the corks and each person made 5 little succulent planters.  I ❤❤❤ the way these turned out.  



It was a great night. Everyone loved their wine cork creations! 


Next month we are going go