Thursday, January 14, 2016

My birthday!

Yesterday was my 40th.  I spent the day surrounded by my favorite people and I'm so thankful and grateful for that.

I started my day at my bestie Rachael's house.  She made cupcakes and we had the best time talking and chowing down on cupcakes!

Her son loved the cupcakes too!

For lunch my neighbor and dear friend Heidi arranged a little lunch party for me. 
Here's  a picture of us from today. 

It was so sweet and I loved being able to see so many of my  friends. 

After lunch we had cake of course!  

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The got me an awesome gift basket filled to the brim with goodies!

Tonight Ava had a basketball game so Graig and I went to that. I love watching Ava play!  Here she is with two sweet friends after the game. 

 We got home so late we didn't even eat dinner :-( we are going to go to dinner next week for my birthday! 

So far 40 has been fabulous!