Saturday, January 23, 2016


My friends Heather and Rachael took me out for a birthday lunch today.  We had fun! 

We went to a new restaurant and I had the shrimp salad it was delicious!

Our waitress was so sweet and she brought me over this delicious chocolate cake.  

Heather was so sweet and brought gifts. She got me a gift certificate for a facial and a flour sifter. Heather is the best cook!  I love cooking with her.   We made cookies before Christmas and I was admiring her flour sifter so it was so sweet she remembered and got me one.

This afternoon at work we had a beginning of the semester party for everyone on campus.  I was on the planning committee.  It was so fun and there was lots of great food and drinks and it was fun to catch up with friends and co-workers.  Here is a picture of our committee. 

Brock has spent 6 the last days in Colorado visiting his Uncle Garth and Aunt Jill.  He texted me this selfie with his baby cousin Gretchen.   

Tomorrow Brock goes back to College.  I have a training for my fitness job at the Y and we are celebrating my friend Lisa's  birthday!  It should be a fun day.


Sabrina Beckerink said...

I need to try that place, it looks super yummy!!