Friday, January 8, 2016

Craft Night!

 After a fun week at Disney it's back to reality for me.  I unpacked and cleaned up our house today.

My bestie Rachael and her family own a health food store in our town and since last fall we have been planning monthly craft nights.  Tonight  was the first one!  
Rachael and I bought matching aprons to wear at Anthropologie.  

Here is everyone with their finished trays. They came out so cute and everyone was thrilled with the results.

We had 18 people come tonight.  January's craft was a wooden chalkboard tray.  These are so simple to make and we thought it would be the perfect first class.

We cut and stained the boards  so they were ready when people came to the class. 

We had people chalkboard their trays and add the handles.  Some ladies decided to distress their trays.

It was a fun night and we are going to host these craft nights on the second Friday of each month this year.  
Here is our schedule:
February-Chalkboard or Glitter Wineglasses (set of 4)
March-Photo Coasters (set of 4)
April-Succulent Terrarium 
May-Hyper tufa Planters 
June-Summer Body Scrub
July-Make a Birdhouse 
August-Back to school organization station 
September-Autumn Burlap Wreaths 
October-Pumpkin Centerpieces 
November-Give Thanks Garland 
December-Wooden Holiday Signs 

Tomorrow morning Rachael and I are doing  a kids craft event, Ava has a basketball game and I've got a luncheon other than those three things I've got a relaxing weekend to look forward to :-)

Have a great weekend!