Monday, January 4, 2016

Disney Day 2-Magic Kingdom

PWe spent today in Magic Kingdom which is my most favorite park!  
We started out the morning super early with a quick stop for a picture before heading to Mine Train.  Look how excited my niece Ainsley is :-). Brock not so much (it was early)

I love Mine Train it's a fast roller coaster with magical Disney touches.  I love going through the mine and seeing the Dwarfs at work.  It was raining so we had to wear ponchos  Yuck!
I told Brock hands up but he wasn't feeling it ;)

Next we went to Adventure Land to do the Jungle  Cruise and Magic Carpets.

Then we headed to my favorite ride-The Haunted Mansion.

My niece Ainsley met some of her favorite  Princesses :-)

For lunch we went to one of our favorites-The Crystal Palace on Main Street USA.  We met all the Winnie the Pooh characters.  Eoyre is Ava's favorite so we got a picture with him.

After lunch we headed back to our hotel for a much needed rest.  Our naps at Disney are always heavenly because we are SO exhausted.  I walked 20,000 steps today! 
After our nap Brock and I headed solo back to the park  to meet my BFF Sara who moved to Winter Park (a suburb of Orlando  in July)
It was SO nice to see her!  She andher fam have season passes and come to the parks every week!  It was great catching up with her and having her as our tour guide.  
Sara,Brock and I were able to ride, ride, ride all night long!  We started off on Astro Orbiter, did People Mover, Pooh, Peter Pan, It's a Small World and Haunted Mansion.  
We met my family for a quick dinner and head out with Sara for more rides!  We rode the Mine Train again with hardly no wait! My sister and Ainsley are big fans of Mine Train!

We also rode Buzz Lightyear.  Brock and Ryan took this very seriously.  

We were also to ride Big Thunder Mountain 2 times, Barnstormer 4 times and Space Mountain 3 times! 

My niece declared Space Mountain as her favorite ride ever.  I think this picture says it all she has a blast!
I am so grateful for this FULL day of Disney fun with my family and I'm so glad Sara  was able to join us for a fun evening. 
We are headed back to Magic Kingdom in the morning!