Sunday, January 10, 2016

Disney Treasures

During our week at Disney I got a few fun things to help us remember our trip.

Ava wanted a gold Alex and Ani bracelet so that is the first thing I looked for when we arrived.  They have a huge selection of Alex and Ani at the Emporium on Main Street USA.  She also wanted two bags of Cotton Candy that Brock carried home for her in his carry on bag :-)

Vicki gave me a gift card for my birthday and I bought this adorable frame.  I also got this at the Emporium.  I had it delivered to our hotel with the free delivery service Disney offers.

When we went to Disney Springs I got this glass jar.  I can't resist glass jars and vases!  I was disappointed Disney didn't have more modern home decor items. Most of the things they had were brightly colored Mickey Mouse items that were cute but they wouldn't go in our house.  

Brock got a Gray  sweatshirt.  He looked for a Star Wars one but he said they were all too dorky-ha ha 
His is similar to this one!
We have a busy week ahead Brock is going to Colorado Tuesdat with his Grandpa Karry to visit his Uncle  Garth and Aunt Jill and Ava has two basketball games. My 40th birthday is on Wednesdsy so we have some fun things planned this week for that too!