Thursday, January 21, 2016

Throwback Tuesday

Feb 2015 was a busy month for us!
We spent a lot of time at Brock's basketball games.  

Brock had to dress up in school the day of his basketball senior night.  

Here we are at his Basketball Senior Night. 

I love this picture of us with our friends Donna and Vince.  Our boys started kindergarten together and played basketball together all through school. 

I love action shots of Brock playing basketball :)

Our nephew Gabe and Grandma Jan loved going to the games!

Brock and his basketball friends.  I love these boys!

Ava played a lot of basketball too.  Basketball is her favorite sport.  

We celebrated our friend Michelle's birthday!

We spent a lot of time x-country  skiing.

My friend Sabrina hosted a fun Oscar party.

And Moe's  one of my favorite restaurants opened up in our town! 

February 2015 was a great month for us!