Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Disney Day 4-Hollywood Studios

Since we stayed at the park until closing last night we slept in a little today and headed to Hollywood Studios around 9.  I love that all the Christmas decorations are still up in all the parks.  They were SO pretty. 

Our first stop was The Great Movie Ride. It was a look back at movies through the years. I highly recommend it!

After the Movie Ride we headed over to our fast pass on the Star Wars ride. It was so fun!

My sister and her family met Chewbacca!

We had an 11 am lunch reservation at my Dad's favorite-the 50's Primetime Cafe.  The food was delicious and the portions were huge!  After this week I am starting my diet when we get home.  

After lunch we headed to Sar Wars again and then to the Frozen Sing Along.  It was really sweet.  Then Brock and Ryan rode the Aerosmith roller coaster.  They loved it!

We headed for an early dinner at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridan.  It was beautiful!

My sister and I by the gorgeous tree.

During dinner we met Cinderella, Prince Charming and the evil stepsisters.  Ainsley liked the evil stepsisters best.  They were so funny!  Characters meals are fantastic because each character comes to your table to visit for a minute and take pictures. 

Price Charming danced with Ainsley :-)

After dinner I raced back to our hotel to get ready for a night out with my bestie Sara and bestie Melany. These girls and their families both moved to Florida last summer.  It was a fun reunion with them. We were so busy talking I only got one picture.  

We had a busy, fun filled day.  Only one more day at Disney then we head back to the land of ice and cold in NY.