Saturday, January 16, 2016

40th birthday party!!!

Jenni one of my best friends turned 40 the same week as me.  Our friends planned a fabulous joint  birthday party for us at a house on the lake in Cooperstown. It was so luxurious!

Our friend Lisa (in the middle)  picked Jenni and I up for the trip.  Of course we had to take a quick picture before hoping in the car!  

Here is a picture as we were pulling up to the house it was huge!

Here's the house from the back it was right on the lake.

Our girlfriends went early and decorated it so pretty. This fireplace was in the living room where we spent all of our time.  

Here Jenni and I are in our birthday crowns.  

I love vanilla cake with vanilla icing so my bestie Rachael made this sweet cake for me.  

Here's the drink station they had set up.

I love, love, love monograms so the girls made us each a monogrammed glass and monogrammed pajama pants.  

The monogrammed pajama pants were my favorite party detail!

They made these adorable picture collages for us highlighting  all the important people and times in our lives.  I absolutely love mine.  I'm going to put it upstairs in my office/guest room.  

The Trail Mix bar was such a cute touch.  
I brought a bag home for Ava and Graig.

Here's the view from the second floor looking into the living room.  

Here's a picture of one side of the bunk room where four girls stayed.  

It was a perfect birthday party.  Tomorrow I'll share more pics from the weekend.